Theatre Director, Writer and Translator.

Born in Israel, lives in Tel-Aviv.

Artistic Director at the Mediatheque Theatre Holon, Israel.
Trained at the Drama Centre London (BA Directing), Graduate of the Thelma Yellin School of Arts Tel Aviv. Noam Worked at the Cameri Theatre’s Artistic Management, at the Tel-Aviv International Theater Festival as an Artistic Coordinator, and in various Theaters in Israel, UK and Germany. He works with Actors, Singers, Dancers, Musicians, and leads workshops in ‘Movement Psychology’ (Yat Method) at the Israeli New Opera, the Beit Zvi Acting school and the Yoram Loewenstein Studio. His Directing credits include: 'Romeo and Juliet' 'Gaza 17' 'Games in the Backyard' 'Fence' (The Cameri Theatre), 'Rauda' (Beit Lessin Theatre), 'The Kite Runner' 'Animal Farm' (Gesher Theatre), 'Fool For Love' (Habima Theatre), 'Bachelor & Bachelorettes' 'Volkan Junction' 'The Lady from the Sea' 'Boy gets Girl' 'Thoroughly Disgraced' (Yoram Loewenstein Studio) '8 Women' (Goodman Beer Sheva) and a variety of Children's Theatre Productions around the country. 

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