A Video Concert

The Revolution Orchestra
The Israeli New Opera
Tel Aviv, Israel



A hypnotizing audio visual concert in which immortal musicians of all times meet on stage a live orchestra.
Imagine what will happen when legendary musicians like John Lenon, Astor Piazzola, Glen Gould, Jimmy Hendricks, Luciano Pavarotti, Edit Piaf and others all meet a live orchestra and perform together.
A once in a lifetime concert in which past and present create a new musical future with los of charm, magic and humour.





Director & Conductor: Roea Openhaim

Musical Director: Zohar Sharon

Visual Art: Assaf Dinsky

Staging: Noam Shmuel

Lighting: Ronen Najar

Sound: Liad de Gracia

Video Editing: Yoav Bril, David Nachum

Movement: Yael Tourjeman


© 2020 by Noam Shmuel, Tel Aviv, Israel