Whale Music

By Anthony Minghella

Library Theatre
Ramat Gan, Israel

'Whale Music" was performed at the "Library Theatre" Ramat Gan, Israel in Jan 2007.
The play by Anthony Miguella (1980) was performed by the third year acting students of "Beit Zvi"
Caroline, a 21 years old student travel to her home island in south England to spend a cold winter alone until she gives a birth to a baby.
The quite place allows her to think about the option of handing her baby for adoption and about her sexual identity.


Translated by: Ido Riklin

Directed by: Noam Shmuel

Set and Costumes: Avital Lahat

Music and live Guitar: Eyall Weiss

Lighting: Noam Shmuel

Photographer: Eyal Landesman

Producer: Livnat Sulimani

SM: Denis Atrakzi


Riki Markovich

Lior Verotslavsky

Sivan Kretchner

Michal Carmi

Revital Zaltsman

Meital Shitrit

Morin Katvan

Shani Chaim

Ortal Zitrin

Lelenia Nastrov

Shikma Ofman

Oranit Tapiro

Chen Shaham

Amanda Gotliv

Liraz Rachmin

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