The Promise

By Dafna Engel

The Kibutz Theatre
Tel Aviv, Israel

"Tell our story to the world" told the old Rabbi to the young child at the Extermination Camp. The child promised he would. Years later ׳the Child׳ became Yeoyachin Yosef, a leading Israeli Astro-physician.
"The Promise" brings the amazing story of a rare Torah book that was used secretly during the holocaust to celebrate Yosef's Bar Mitzvah inside the camp. Years later, the book was carried by Ilan Ramon, Yosef's colleague and the first Israeli Astronaut, all the way up - into the space.
From within the 'Colombia' spaceship, Ramon fulfilled Yosef's Promise, and told the world the amazing story of the book.


Directed by: Noam Shmuel

Set Design: Niv Manor

Lighting: Yechiel Orgal

Music: Eyall Weiss

Costumes: Anat Masner

Video: Nimrod Zin


Rivka Noson

Hai Maor

David Belinka

Lior Shikva

Ori Urian

Itay Blaiberg

Amit Levy

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