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The Light Turns Upon Me

By Oded Liphshitz

Heidelberg Theatre
Heidelberg, Germany


A stylised comedy, written in an absurd style, follows six young people in search for ultimate happiness. Set in one tower block over the course of a single night, we see different couples coming together and breaking up and the dynamic between them. The play examines love and identity in an urban setting where passion, disappointment and hope are all mixed up.
The Play won a prize at the Heidelberg Stückemarkt, and also a prize for best Director and best Writer at the "Open Stage Festival" in Beit lessin Theatre.


Artistic Director:Avishay Milshtein.

Directed by: Noam Shmuel

Music: Eyall Weiss


German Cast:

Kerstin Ohlendorf

Cedric Pintarelli

Bastian Semm

Joanna Kapsch

Jennifer Sabel

Israeli Cast:

Albert Cohen

Liat Har Lev

Hila Zaytoon

Ilanit Gershon

Dan Kastoriano

Dror Cohen

Alon Dahan

Tracy Abramovich

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In “The Light Turns Upon Me” director Noam Shmuel presented a complete world onstage using nothing but a few folding chairs, three desk lamps and a creative sensibility. The judges awarded Shmuel an honorable mention for his “beautiful direction” – and it was a beautiful production that made imaginative use of the space on and off the stage, movement, music and well-designed lighting. The excellent ensemble of actors gave funny, nuanced performances as the mostly young residents of a typical Tel Aviv apartment building, during a night of many encounters and changes. Eyal Weiss created evocative music that set the mood and pace and his composition was recognized by the judges with an honorable mention.

Ayelet Dekel, Midnight East, 30/8/10

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