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The Kite Runner (Studio)

By Matthew Spangler
Based on the Novel by Khaled Hosseini

Yoram Loewenstein Studio
Tel Aviv, Israel


"The Kite Runner", a fascinating adaptation of Haled Hosseini best- selling novel will be performed for the first time on an Israeli stage in ‘Yoram Leowenstein Studio’. The thrilling adaptation, written by Matthew Spangler, unravels a tale of an innocent and precious friendship that could not sustain itself throughout time, social differences and political changes. The friendship between Hassan and Amir, a son of a wealthy business man and the son of a poor Hazari servant, is first formed in 1970's Kabul, then an exotic city full of wonders, beauty and adventures- the most exciting one being the annually kite runner contest. However, as the two grow up, they encounter the harsh reality of hatred and prejudice, which leads to an act of betrayal that eventually tares the delicate friendship apart.



Translation: Einat Barnovsky

Directed by: Noam Shmuel

Soundtrack Design: Noam Shmuel

Movement: Amit Zamir

Set Design: Niv Manor

Costume Design: Aviah Bash

Lighting Design: Ziv Voloshin

Accent: Tamar E. Gindin

Artistic Managment: Lilach Segal

Photos by: Amit Zamir

AD: Sari Simchov & Nadav shema



Avi Azoulay

Edan Gozlan

Matan Shavit

Hillel Cappon

Tom Appelbaum

Dorel Zilberman

Daniel Meroz

Gal Ben Amra

Liran Levi

Shiri Ben Cohen

Carmel Kandel

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