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The Kite Runner

By Matthew Spangler
Based on the Novel by Khaled Hosseini

Gesher Theater
Tel Aviv, Israel


The thrilling adaptation, written by Matthew Spangler, unravels a tale of an innocent and precious friendship that could not sustain itself throughout time, social differences and political changes. The friendship between Hassan and Amir, a son of a wealthy business man and the son of a poor Hazari servant, is first formed in 1970's Kabul, then an exotic city full of wonders, beauty and adventures- the most exciting one being the annually kite runner contest. However, as the two grow up, they encounter the harsh reality of hatred and prejudice, which leads to an act of betrayal that eventually tares the delicate friendship apart.


Translation: Einat Barnovsky

Directed by: Noam Shmuel

Soundtrack Design: Noam Shmuel

Movement: Amit Zamir

Set Design: Niv Manor

Costume Design: Aviah Bash

Lighting Design: Sasha Sikirin

Accent: Tamar E. Gindin

Photos by: Victoria Shub

Sound Design : Felix Shaposhnik

AD: Tanya Kozlova

Stage Manager: Yana Adamovsky


Avi Azulay

Doron Tavory

Yoli Seker

Hillel Cappon

Tom Appelbaum

Firas Nassar

Ori Yaniv

Gilad Kletter

Alexander Senderovich

Eli Menashe

Vitaliy fux

Carmel Kandel

Roni Einav

"A Facsinating, poetic, visual and inspirational performance"


Jerusalem post

"An Interesting and special theatrical work; in a word - an experience!"

Yermi Amir, Reshet Bet

"The performance threads itself through the hearts of the audience, and lifts them up on high... time after time Gesher proves that they know how to make excellent theatre"


"The actors have done a wonderful job. Proof that the theater is alive and kicking, and can draw young audiences"


"A powerful performance that will likely run for years... Gesher at its best, the same theater, in which every performance is a study in perfection. High quality theatre, which gives the Audience one of the most powerful experiences imaginable" 


"An Excellent performance by a talented ensemble. Beautiful and imaginative work by the creators... an amazing performance that manages to draw the viewers into Hosseeini's beautiful epic, which comes to life in an astonishing way"

Yediot Acharonot

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