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The House of Bernarda Alba

By Federico García Lorca

Yoram Lewenstein Studio
Tel Aviv, Israel


Bernarda’s husband is dead. Now she alone rules her household and the lives of her five daughters. A period of eight years mourning will be observed without contact with the outside world and the men who might bring them ruin.
That is except for Angustias, whose inheritance has attracted a wealthy local suitor. As the wedding approaches, Bernarda struggles to retain her suffocating grip on the family and on these women whose appetite for defiance is growing.
Lorca’s final masterpiece is a bitter and darkly comic tragedy that charts the tyranny, jealousy and desperate struggle for freedom that will tear Bernarda and her daughters apart.


Translated by: Noam Shmuel

Directed by: Noam Shmuel

Music: Eyall Weiss

Set Design: Zeev Levy

Movement: Amit Zamir

Lighting Design: Eyal Tavori

Costume Design: Aviah Bash

Photos: Raday Rubinshtein

Assistant Director: Hani Yechezkel, Tarin Shalfi, Yoav Dagan


Guitar: Eyall Weiss

Percussions: Matan Goldshtein


Dania Landsberg

Lea Menkas

Amit Farkash

Ifat Cohen

Tovit Semay

Ella Armoni

May Roop

Lauren Pitaro

Tom Antopolski

Sapir Azoulai

Yael Yamin

Tarin Shalfi

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