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The Good Person of Szechwan

By Bertolt Brecht

Tel Aviv University
Tel Aviv, Israel


The Good Person of Szechuan is kind to three homeless strangers, taking them in when no one else would despite her own poverty. After the strangers reveal themselves to be gods, they reward Shen Te for her altruism with a small tobacco shop – an opportunity to turn her life around. But soon the shop is overrun with mooching townsfolk all wanting their piece. Too sweet to defend herself and her assets, Shen Te develops an alter-ego – her pushy male ‘cousin’, Shui Ta. As ethics dissolve, goodness is defiled and wickedness rewarded.
The production was performed at the Tel Aviv University with live music, composed by Shai Ben Jacob.


Translated by: Shimon Zandbank

Adopted and Directed by: Noam Shmuel

Songs: Noam Shmuel

Music: Shai Ben Jacob

Set Design: Avi Sechvi

Movement: Mor Lidor

Lighting Design: Ziv Voloshin

Costume Design: Tal Weiss

Photos: Mika Koshlevich

Assistant Director: Noam Sharet Porter, Sapir Lazerovich, Tamar Kartes


Piano/Accordion: Shai Ben Jacob

Percussions: Yoav Zarfati

Cello: Tal Ginzburg

Saxophone: Dor Kerem


Anan Abu Jaber

Eden Aharon

Mor Ayala Angel

Yarden Andwalt

Daniel Bloglowsky

Hadar Gabay

Oryan Gozlan

Amir Golan

Rebecca Triber

Ari Cohen

Shahaf Moreno

Michael Svaranski

Darel Porat

Michal Kronzon

Dor Shacham

Ofer Sheinberg

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