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The Final Victory

By Noam Shmuel

Orna Porat Theatre
Tel Aviv, Israel


Felix Zandman is known on Wall Street as the brilliant scientist-entrepreneur whose billion-dollar Fortune 500 company, Vishay Intertechnology, reshaped the electronic component industry. But few are aware of Zandman's incredible personal story: as a teenager he spent a year-and-a-half in Nazi occupied Poland, and that harrowing experience gave him the drive, discipline, and generosity of spirit that made his later success possible. Taught by his grandmother Tema that the only measure of wealth is what you give away, Zandman lost his entire world in 1943 when the ghetto in his native city of Grodno was destroyed. Jammed with four others into a tiny pit beneath the cottage of a poor Polish peasant, he was left with nothing but his inner resources of imagination, intellect, and will to fend off insanity and find a reason to go on living.


Directed by: Noam Shmuel

Music: Amir Lekner

Set Design: Zeev Levy

Costumes: Aviah Bash

Movement: Amit Zamir

Lighting: Uri Morag

Video: Nimrod Zin & Noga Friedman

Speech: Margalit Ghez

A. Director: Hani Yechezkel


Guy Rosen

Adam Hirsh

Naama Shapira

Irit Gidron

Dror Taplitski

Yuval Stunis

Maayan Ashkenazi

Lior Zohar

Ilan Hazan

Shoham Sheiner

Galatz - 14.4.17
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