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Romeo and Juliet

By William Shakespeare

The Cameri Theater
Tel Aviv, Israel


Romeo and Juliet, penned by dramatic genius William Shakespeare, is considered the greatest love story of all time. Since being written at the end of the sixteenth century there have been countless stage productions of the play. This new production of Romeo and Juliet,was presented in new, contemporary and dynamic attire in a space specially designed for the play. The two aristocratic families from Renaissance Verona have been replaced by two crime families, but the tragic story of the star-crossed lovers, who pay the price for their love with their lives, remains as moving, shocking and heartrending as it was 400 years ago.


Translated by: Eli Bijaoui

Directed by: Noam Shmuel

Set Design: Zeev Levy

Lighting: Keren Granek

Music: Eyall Weiss

Costumes: Avia Bash

Video: Nimrod Zin

Movement: Eldar Grosman

Speech: Noga Yatomi Raviv

Photos: Yossi Zweker

AD: Oshrit Raz-Hanin


Nelly Tagar

Dan Shapira

Ido Museri

Yoav Levi

Nadav Nates

Irad Rubinshtein

Ziv Zohar Meir

Sara Von Swartse

Hila Surjoun

Yossi Kants

Rozina Kambus

Arye Moskuna

Passionate Chemistry

“A new version that respects the original text and at the same time does not shy away from corresponding with the everyday language of contemporary Israel, with new media and cutting edge technology. The grace of this production’s two leading actors – Nelly Tagar as Juliet and Dan Shapira as Romeo – can’t be missed. Neither can the passionate chemistry between them. Tagar brings to the stage the spirit of youth, innocence, and a captivating naturalness. Shapira scatters charm, melting smiles, and an endless abundance of anguish. Highly ranked in the list of stars in this production is the superior text that was translated and adapted by Eli Bijaoui, who has concocted an extraordinary combination of old and new, classic and contemporary, while meticulously maintaining meter and rhyme.”

Merav Yudelevich, Ynet, 2.1.11

When Shakespeare Saw Avatar

“The new version of Romeo and Juliet, directed by Noam Shmuel, is completely different from anything you know about classical theatre. And it’s good […] The version gives the feeling of a 3D film in the middle of reality […] The translation is amusing, flowing, and light. If Shakespeare were alive today it’s a reasonable assumption that he would have written something similar […] You can’t tear your eyes away from Shapira, the eternal romantic bachelor. Tagar comes over effortlessly as a fifteen-year-old girl who is all innocence and purity, Rozina Cambos, in the wonderful role of the Nurse, succeeds in making even the toughest among us laugh.”

Tarbut Maariv, 7.1.11

An Original and Surprising Production

“Shakespeare’s celebrated tragedy of youth is given an original and surprising new treatment by young director Noam Shmuel. He fully exploits the potential of the Cameri 3 auditorium to turn the romantic lovers’ story into a colorful and dynamic journey through the contemporary world of crime families. This production possesses many high qualities, such as Eli Bijaoui’s witty and flowing translation, or the fine video art work by Nimrod Zin. Worthy of special mention among the supporting roles are Arieh Moscona and Sara von Schwarze as Juliet’s parents, and also Yoav Levi and Ido Moseri.”

Shai Bar-Ya’akov, Yedioth Ahronoth, 3.1.11

A Tour de Force – Without Doubt One of the Year’s Most Interesting Productions

“Shakespeare à la Sopranos – The Cameri presents a new and surprising adaptation of Romeo and Juliet as a topical carnival in the reality of crime, faltering government, and destructive media. It is not just another version of Shakespeare in jeans and tee shirt. There are jeans and tee shirts, but this time it seems that this is what is needed. A well-orchestrated production in every sense of the word. The colors are right, Keren Granek’s lighting is right, and there is no trace of shticks.”

Roni Efrat, Achbar Ha’ir, 3.1.11

Impressive Design

“The sets (Ze’ev Levi) and costumes (Avia Bash) make good use of symbols and colors to distinguish between the two rival families. The excellent music (Eyal Weiss) provides a sweeping, romantic, yet also menacing soundtrack. Eldar Grossman’s choreography is superb.”

Eitan Bar-Yosef, Ha’ir, 18.3.11

A Perfect Production for First-time Viewing of this Masterpiece

“There is value in productions such as this. Eli Bijaoui’s translation incorporates low- and high-register Hebrew, and it works. In many cases the acting is superb. Sara von Schwarze as Juliet’s mother, Yossi Kantz as Friar Lorenzo, Yoav Levi as Mercutio, and especially Rozina Cambos as the Nurse simply shine. The visual items accompanying the production are most interesting, the wonderful stage fights, the theatrical perception is intelligent and well expressed by the actors in the leading roles.”

Yuval Ben-Ami, Achbar Ha’ir Online, 14.3.11

The Most Interesting of the Current Shakespearean Productions

“The director has interpreted the role of Juliet excellently, and Nelly Tagar plays her as a young girl discovering her budding femininity and the power of love in the eye of the storm of youthful rebellion […] The director’s aspiration to perform the play using contemporary means is welcome […] and I would recommend going to see it and be impressed. Worthy of mention are Yoav Levi as Mercutio and Rozina Cambos as the Nurse […] The way the actors deal with the text maintains a high standard in most parts of the play, and this is not self-evident […]”

Yoni Etiel, Reshet Bet, 18.3.11

The Triumph of the Youngsters

“Most of the cast are young and talented, and together with the veterans create a fresh new experience. The classic telenovella of all time is updated to the present with the brilliant Eli Bijaoui’s translation and director Noam Shmuel. Slowly but surely Dan Shapira is taking his place among the leading lights of Israeli theatre, on his way to the crown […] Eldar Grossman’s choreography endows the plot with additional rhythm. Nelly Tagar as the young, delicate Juliet draws the audience with her. Shakespeare in a new and mischievous translation that sits well in the classical text, and refreshing, thrilling, and exciting performances by the actors all accord this production a well-deserved ‘chapeaux!’ Make sure you see it!

Alice Bluthental, The Marker Café, 14.3.11

An Interesting and Dynamic Stage Picture

Nelly Tagar is requisitely young and fragile […] Yoav Levi and Ido Moseri are excellent as Romeo’s friends, and the criminal version of Arieh Moscona and Sara von Schwarze does the trick.”

Maya Nahum Shachal, Calcalist, 15.3.11

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