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A Video Concert

The Revolution Orchestra
The Israeli New Opera


A hypnotizing audio visual concert in which immortal musicians of all times meet on stage a live orchestra.
Imagine what will happen when legendary musicians like John Lenon, Astor Piazzola, Glen Gould, Jimmy Hendricks, Luciano Pavarotti, Edit Piaf and others all meet a live orchestra and perform together.
A once in a lifetime concert in which past and present create a new musical future with los of charm, magic and humour.


Director & Conductor: Roea Openhaim

Musical Director: Zohar Sharon

Visual Art: Assaf Dinsky

Staging: Noam Shmuel

Lighting: Ronen Najar

Sound: Liad de Gracia

Video Editing: Yoav Bril, David Nachum

Movement: Yael Tourjeman

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Sights and sounds from beyond the grave

The Revolution Orchestra presents a hypnotizing audio-visual concert in which immortal musicians such as Jimi Hendrix and Edith Piaf perform on stage with some very much alive instrumentalists

These days it is becoming increasingly difficult to find uncharted artistic territory. It seems that practically every sound and genre has been proffered for wide public consumption, and all kinds of styles and cultural material have been combined to spawn world music, and crossover shows and recordings, ad infinitum.

Then again, there is “Re:play.”

Barry Davis, Jerusalem Post  3.11.14

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