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By Ori Urian

Mofa Theatre
Tel Aviv, Israel


‘Online’ brings the story of four teenagers, addicted to social media that go on a school trip. They quickly find themselves bored from the natural scenery and the planned route of the trip, and decide to go on a private journey, but instead of a tour guide they use their smartphones. They try to find their way to a swimming pool they see on an app on their smartphones but eventually get lost, just as their cell phones go off.
For the first time in their life they are faced with reality and human contact, and find that communicating with people is a lot different than communicating through cellphones and computers. They are eventually saved by Peleg, a young boy who is being bullied for not having a Facebook account, and for not participating in their social cyber world. Peleg slowly teaches them the importance of talking and listening, but most of all - that having four human friends, beats having thousands of virtual ones.


Directed by: Noam Shmuel

Set Design: Zeev Levy

Lighting: Ziv Voloshin

Music: Eyall Weiss

Costumes: Aviah Bash

Video: Nimrod Zin

Movement: Meital Damari

Photos: Rami Zarnegar


Dana Lerer

Gal Amitay

Amit Epstein

Ido Lusky

Amir Shurush

Shirly Lev

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