Jerusalem's Heart

By Shai Lahav & Dafna Engel

The National Youth Theatre
Tel Aviv, Israel

In 1948 the Jewish quarter of Jerusalem’s old city was conquered by the Jordanian army. The Jewish population was forced out of the city, leaving behind thousand years of history, tradition and Memories.
20 years later, in the ‘Six Days War’ - David, who spent his childhood wondering the walls of the old city, returns to his childhood synagogue as soldier to fulfill a promise he once made to his grandfather - to bring back ‘Jerusalem’s heart’ - the most beautiful Torah scroll that was left behind 20 years ago.
The encounter with the old city brings David back to his childhood, his friends but above all to the day him and his friends bravely rescued his beloved grandfather.


Directed by: Noam Shmuel

Set Design: Niv Manor

Lighting: Uri Morag

Music: Amir Lekner

Costumes: Limor Dror

Video: Nimrod Zin


Nisso Khavia

Eddie Alterman

Michal Cohen

Sagi Halperin

Eliran Harush

Orli Tubali

Ido Wolfovitz

© 2021 by Noam Shmuel.