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Haneke and Fiet

By Lior Garti
Based on a book by Ran Cohen Harounoff

Mediatheque Theatre
Holon, Israel


This award winning production collected 5 prizes at the Israeli Children Theatre Award ceremony:

BEST Children Production
BEST Leading Actress - Noa Har Zion

Amsterdam, during World War II. Hanneke, age 3, is separated from her parents and goes into hiding. She is moved from one home to another because each family that hides her knows how risky it is. Hanneke is frightened, but then she comes to the home of Fiet, a Dutch girl just a little older than her. The two girls become friends, and Hanneke gets the warmth and love she missed so much.
Fiet’s parents are also wonderful—they treat Hanneke like their own and promise her that when the war is over her parents will come and get her.
Around them the war rages on, and they see soldiers through the windows. But inside the house, Fiet plays with Hanneke and tells her stories so she won’t be scared. Finally, three years later, Hanneke’s parents come and fetch her.
This is a very human story about good and brave people, about wondrous grace, friendship and a home in the midst of misery. Hanneke is actually the writer’s mother, and he tells the story of her survival with love and sensitivity.


Directed by: Noam Shmuel

Set Design: Zeev Levy

Lighting: Uri Morag

Music: Amir Lekner

Costumes: Aviah Bash


Noa Har Zion

Keren Selant

Galia Cohen Ptilon

Itzik Cohen Ptilon

Itamar Shaked

Sivan Kretchner

A Real Family

Haneke and Fiet is an emotive and heartwarming story. Goodness seeps out of all its pores, as does bravery. 
“I never dreamed all this would hap - pen,” said Ran at the theater. “I just wanted to write a little book about it.”
Meanwhile, as we chatted in the Mediatheque café, a dress rehearsal was in full flow. I caught a few minutes of the onstage action as director Noam Shmuel put Noa Har Zion and Keren Selant, who play the leading roles, through their paces along with the other members of the cast.
“It was very moving for us to see the story on the stage,” said Fiet.
The audiences at the two shows last Saturday were similarly moved.
“People cried, and were especially excited to see Haneke and Fiet on the stage after the first performance,” said Ran. “I was amazed that the children in the audience kept so quiet during the shows. They were really absorbed.”

Barry Davis, Jerusalem Post, 8.3.15

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