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Double Panther

By Yoav Shutan Goshen

Beit Lessin Theater
Tel Aviv


Double Panther is an original Israeli play inspired by the real-life story of the Israeli Black Panthers protest movement.
Set in 1970’s Jerusalem, the play tells the story of the recently released convict and criminal, Yaakov Elbaz. When caught by a police lieutenant during another crime, Elbaz is now faced with an ultimatum; either go back to prison or penetrate a young protest movement called the Israeli Black panthers and report back to the police with information about their activities.
Joining the group just to avoid jail, Elbaz quickly realizes that for the first time in his life, he is actually fighting for something he believes in and gaining the respect of people around him, especially his ex-wife and son.
Torn between his devotion to the cause and his deal with the lieutenant, Elbaz is caught in a game that will eventually destroy his life.


Directed by: Noam Shmuel

Music: Avi Balleli
Movement: Tom Applebaum

Set Design: Zeev Levy

Costume Design: Aviah Bash

Video: Eldad Bouganim 

Lighting Design: Ziv Voloshin

Sign Language: Liora Demeter

AD: Hani Yechezkel and Moran Geva

Stage Manager: Orna Doytsh

Photos and Video: Raday Rubinstain



Yoram Toledano

Nisso Kavia

Shlomi Tapiero

Or Ben Melech

Tal Danino

Hadar Ratzon Rotem

Dan Kiesler

Yael Bar-Shavit

Ofir Weill / Yaniv Levy

Tuval Shafir

Avihai Balahsan

Dania Landsberg

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Dafna Zuri - Radio Haifa - Yoram Toledano Interview 29.10.21
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