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Boy Gets Girl

By Rebecca Gilman

Yoram Loewenstein Studio
Tel Aviv, Israel


"If you look at all the classic romantic plot - its structure is the same: boy sees girl, falls for her – that's exactly where his troubles begin"
It looked like the blind date of Theresa and Tony is going pretty well, she even agrees to meet him again for dinner and get to know him more deeply.
Theresa, a New York career woman finally feels she wants to focus more on her profession and less on her new partner, Tony. But when the flowers start to arrive to the office every day, and the phone never stops ringing, she does not know whether to feel Flattered or threatened.
"Boy gets girl" is suspenseful drama, witty and thought provoking which copes boldly with hard questions: Could romantic movies and sexist advertisements motivate a person into violent courting? How men perceive the image of a woman in modern times? How women perceive themselves in relation to that? And how short is the distance between the thoughts and glances - to sexual harassment?
The play had numerous productions around the world and is in the list of the most important plays of the decade in the "TIME" magazine.
Rebecca Gilman is an American playwright born in 1965, winner of the British Evening Standard Award and Harper Lee Award (2008). Wrote many plays and the Hollywood film "Spinning into Butter."


Translation: Noam Shmuel

Directed by: Noam Shmuel

Music: Eyall Weiss

Costume Design: Erez Maayan

Set Design: Zeev Levy

Lightning Design: Yakov Sliv

Movement: Amit Zamir

Artistic Managment: Lilach Segal

Photos: Raday Rubinshtein

AD: Liran Levy, Aviv Carmi


Ben-Attia Or

Berman Nathalie

Leeper-Moor Galit

Harel Raz


Nir Inbal

Turgman Maayan

Kushnir Aviv

Shiener Shoam

Galey Zahal - Nathan Datner
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