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By Yehonatan Indurski

Beit Lessin Theater
Tel Aviv


For the first time on stage, a romantic comedy written by Yonatan Indorsky, the creator of the successful series "Stisel" winner of many awards and broadcast on Netflix and around the world.
Yodel Babchik is approaching his 57th birthday. He, like his ancestors before him, is about to succumb to a mysterious curse that claimed the lives of every member of the Babchik family at the exact same age. Yodel must decide who will inherit his beloved 'Babchik' restaurant - his young and energetic son Yuina, who has always dreamed of taking over the business, or his shrewd eldest son Hatzkel, who has returned to the city from America after a long absence.
The fight between the two brothers for the inheritance of the restaurant also turns into a duel for the heart of the beautiful Miriam Yapchik, their childhood love.
When Yuina realizes that he will lose the restaurant, he tries to remove the curse that hangs over the family. Will he manage to trick the angel of death?


Play by: Yehonatan Indurski

Directed by: Noam Shmuel

Dramaturge: Avishay Milshtein

Set Design: Jehudit Aharon

Costumes Design: Aviah Bash

Music: Elad Adar

Movement: Tula Damari

Lighting Design: Ziv Voloshin

Speech Coach: Anat Zamsh-Rigel

Assistant Director: Noa Ben Ari

Stage Manager: Orna Doytsh

Photos: Isaiah Fainberg


Or Abutbul / Yedidia Vital

Uti Gov

Daniel Gal

Robert Hoenig

Tom Zidner

Ofir Weil

Yaniv Levi

Hai Maor

May Keshet

Orna Rothberg

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