The kid who wouldn’t stop asking questions

By Ya’ara Reshef-Nahor

Mediatheque Theater
Tel Aviv, Israel

“The important thing is not to stop questioning, Curiosity has its own reason for existing”

Albert Einstein

Years before he became the 20th century most influential physicist, Albert Einstein was just a curious young boy with a vivid imagination and endless questions. 

As a student in a traditional strict German gymnasium, Albert would often get in trouble with his teachers and fellow students for being what they called “eccentric” and “weird”. Eventually he was even expelled, leaving him to feel like no one in the world could understand him.

However, with the help and guidance of his private tutor who recognized young Albert’s unique talent and strong passion to science, he continued exploring, asking endless questions, changing the facts and going beyond his limits.


Written by: Ya’ara Reshef-Nahor

Directed by: Noam Shmuel

Dramaturge: Ori Oryan

Music: Tal Blecharovitz

Set Design: Zeev Levy

Costumes: Aviah Bash

Movement: Tom Apelbaum

Lighting: Uri Morag

Video: Nimrod Zin                          

Speech: Margalit Gez 

Props: Roea Akeb

LED Balls: Zadok Sofer

A. Director: Noa Ben Ari 

Photos: Kfir Bolotin



Maya Bachovski

Daniel Damidov

Lior Zohar

Moran Tachan

Roy Sa'ar

Roea Raviv

Nadav Shama

English Reviews:
Excellent performance

“Impressive play…the excellent performance enables the young audience to relate and empathize both with the young and older Albert Einstein… A play that will convey the most important message to your children: Never stop dreaming.”

Nurit Assayag, City Mouse, 23.4.19

An original, captivating and Thought provoking play

“When a play is written well, structured well and presented well- even science be moving… An original, captivating and Thought provoking play”

Wemoms 3.4.19

The Mediatheque provides the highest quality plays

“Such a charming play… Once again, The Mediatheque provides the highest quality plays”

Efrat Shine, Saloona, 30.4.19


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